7 Tips for Optimizing Your Holiday SEO


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1. Offer sneak peeks to your audience.

Email marketing and social media are excellent places to release teasers and trailers thus boosting your SEO Campaign. You can also incorporate them on some areas in your website. Are you creating landing pages, or any holiday subsection? Establish excitement by adding “coming soon” on designated areas. Monitor your blog posts, gift guides and other holiday content.

2. Implement a link building strategy.

Link building is important, most especially during the holidays. In order to generate more links, you need to work harder, and reach out more to partners and other websites to cross-promote. Also, make sure that your content is compelling and shareable.

3. Integrate a mobile plan.

At this modern age, many people prefer to do their holiday shopping routine online—on their tablets and computers. Expect most of the browsing and searching to happen on mobile. The bottom line, of course, is that holiday SEO optimization is important for mobile search. This is the perfect time to ensure that your website is responsive.

4. Measure your real-time success.

During the entire holiday campaign, you would want to monitor your strategy and results all the time. You only have a short time to fulfill your goals, so you should keep track of all the analytics. Look closely at bounce rates, rankings and organic traffic.

5. Start yesterday.

Prepare all of the materials ahead of time. Of course, you want to start the SEO process now, including the development of your own content strategy.

6. Update your Keywords.

Contemplate on your current analytics and rankings. Do you need to update some web pages? Have you checked your keywords? If you want to incorporate stronger keywords based on holiday trending topics, then consult Google Trends.

7. Build holiday content that suits you.

After revamping your keywords for the holidays, you can start a content strategy, and then integrate them. Produce content that shows the real you. Never squeeze out holiday messaging that does not really fit your own business and brand. Remember, authenticity matters a lot.


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