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Back in the day, when you need to have access to digital files, they have to be stored in a physical storage device. It could be in a hard drive in a computer, in a thumb drive, or any other storage medium you can think of.
The problem with carrying your own storage device is that it has the chance of getting lost. And, when you lose all of those drives, you could potentially lose your data and worse, that sensitive information might fall in the hands of hackers and other people with nefarious intent.
I couldn’t count how many times I’ve forgotten my storage devices at home and it is really quite cumbersome since I’d have to go back just to get them which is not only time-consuming but it is also quite expensive to do (I had to make a 30-minute drive to and from my office).
My sentiments are actually quite common and me and other people had to endure that for a couple of years, until now.
Thanks to cloud hosting services and cloud technology, in general, we can now have access to our files just by using the internet to gain access to them. You can download any file that you need from anywhere so long as you have an active internet connection.
Today, I am going to talk about online cloud storage services that you can use for free.


When it comes to cloud storage, Dropbox is the original. It is the first to ever offer cloud storage service to the masses. Even though its free option would only give you 2GB of storage you can use before you need to spend some money to increase it, it still remains, to this day, one of the best cloud storage services out there.
You can install its companion software on your computer and you can safely drag and drop files if you want to upload them to your folder. If you want to download your files, you can simply click on the file that you want to download and there is an appropriate option for that. This is one of the easiest services that you can use today and I highly recommend it for people who want to have access to one of the best online storage services out there.

Google Drive

Another robust online storage option is Google Drive. Google, as you all know, is a really huge company with very talented people. Not only can you use Google Drive to upload your files, but you can also use their other services to edit them on the fly as well.
You are given a whopping 15GB of free storage space for starters and you can pay for more if you need it.


If you are a Windows user, then you definitely have to try Microsoft’s own SkyDrive. It is pretty much similar to Google Drive when it comes to features as it allows you to also have basic access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other Microsoft Office tools online.
The only difference between this and Google’s is that you are only given 7GB of free storage. Still, its integration with Microsoft Office applications makes it an appealing choice.

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