Cloud Hosting versus Traditional Web Hosting

Web Hosting

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Website hosting is a general concept that pertains to how and where you will host your website
data. Basically, your web hosting provider is where all your website information would be
stored. Consider your website as a bundle of files which are sitting at a web host somewhere.
With traditional web hosting, or standard web hosting, you are storing the files on one server.
The kind of server environment would depend on your technical expertise, the size of the
website, and the amount of traffic you get. To know which hosting package is the perfect fit, feel
free to read web hosting reviews in Malaysia.
Below are the most common types of web hosting you will surely come across:

1. Shared hosting.

This is the most popular type of hosting service, and also the most
affordable. In this set up, the server is divided into many parts, and that you are renting
each slice of it together with hundreds of other websites.

2. Dedicated hosting.

100% of the server is provided to your website. This gives you more
control over the entire server environment, alongside good performance.

3. VPS hosting.

Settling for a VPS server means using a shared server environment, but
managing a virtualized one on top of it. This means that you will have your own space,
memory, CPU usage and more. This can result to enhanced website performance and
loading times.

4. Managed hosting.

You can gain access to a high-performing server that is optimized and
managed just for you. Usually, it is optimized for a specific type of website, such as
WordPress managed hosting.

5. Cloud hosting.

This is an entirely different type of web hosting that blends the features
of a dedicated and shared server.

Should you go for cloud hosting?

With a cloud hosting service, you are not renting some space on a physical server. 100% of the
server hardware is digital. It is a new web hosting style that is rapidly gaining popularity. it
provides clients with unlimited resource expansion, which is amazing to have if your website is
rapidly growing. What’s even more amazing is that it protects your website from malfunctioning

The benefits of choosing a cloud hosting service:

  • It offers incredible performance and uptime.

    If you are having problems with loading
    speed and performance, then it’s time to shift to cloud hosting.

  • It offers flexible pricing.

    You will only pay for what you use. It’s also easier to scale up
    and down your own resources.

  • It is scalable.

    If the traffic of your website is constantly fluctuating, you need a web host
    that can work well with you during the regular ups and downs.

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