How Does Web Hosting Affect Your Website’s Rankings?

Web Hosting

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A lot of webmasters do not typically think about their page rankings whenever they are looking for the best hosting provider, but you should always consider this as part of your ongoing efforts to find the right company for you.

You see, a lot of people assume that web hosting is not part of the equation, but they are actually intertwined. Getting a good hosting provider, therefore, makes your page rankings go higher in the SERPs.

Today, I will go over some ways web hosting affects your page rankings and why you should consider getting the best service out there possible.


By now, you’ve probably known how a web hosting service works, but for those who still do not know, read further.

So, the premise of hosting websites is that depending on the hosting plan you’re going to get, your website will be placed on a server and so long as that particular server is running, your website will always be accessed when given the appropriate link.

However, there are some hosting companies that are not well known for their server reliability and oftentimes, your website cannot be accessed because of this downtime. And, if your website cannot be accessed by normal people, it cannot be accessed by search engines as well.

Google and other search engine giants typically do not rank inaccessible websites high in the SERPs, which is why it is important that you get a hosting company that promises minimal downtime.

Website Performance

There is a lot of things that pertain to your content and your website’s performance that will affect your page rankings. For instance, if your website can be accessed, albeit takes quite a while to load, then people would often just look for another website that has similar content to the one that you are offering.

When search engine spiders know of this, you will gain a pretty high bounce rate which is a metric that is used to refer to people who have visited your website but would ultimately leave after a short while (typically, this happens when your website is slow to load).

Your website’s speed and performance is directly tied to your hosting provider’s servers. If their servers are quite slow, then that would result in poor performance across the board and that will not give you the best results that you so desire.

Shady Dealings

Although this doesn’t happen quite often nowadays, it still does sometimes. There are some hosting companies that are deceptively cheap and they can do so to lure you in.

Once you’ve subscribed to their service, they might post banner ads or install scripts on your website without your knowledge. Some of these scripts would inject cookies and other malicious code to the user’s device and who knows what they will do with the information that they can collect.

So, for the most part, you only want to get the services of a really good hosting company that is known for their reliability, performance, and trustworthiness.

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