Strategies in Laying a Bet


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From the moment that betting shops became legal in the United Kingdom in 1961, gambling enjoyed gradual and limited growth for 25 years. For starters, shops were allowed to broadcast pictures of live races for the first time only in the late 1980s-that was a major stepping stone.

People could actually put single bets on football by the early 1990s–there was a’ minimum trebles ‘ requirement in 1991–and the first Sunday race meeting took place in 1992, although the betting shops were still closed on the’ Holy Day’ and no bookmakers were permitted on the track.

Luckily, change development has been much quicker over the last 25 years, and now you can’t just gamble anywhere 24/7, but also use a multitude of different methods: line gambling, spread betting, point spreads and other additions of old-fashioned winning and every-way choices.

It was the introduction of Betting Exchanges in the early 2000s, however, that turned gambling on its head as punters were able to play bookmaker and lay bets for the first time. In reality, you’re backing something to lose by placing a bet.
The new gambling tool opened the doors to betting techniques that many had not contemplated before.


If such an example is gambling on arbitration. A familiar term in stock market trading,’ arbitrage’ is described as the’ simultaneous buying and selling of an asset to profit from a price imbalance.’

Like stock markets,’ a property’ is the value of a horse, soccer team or player in the gaming world, and so using this tactic of betting your goal is to back up a choice at a higher price than you can put it out elsewhere.

An example of what arbitrage players are aiming for and how they gain from it:

  • Put a £ /€100 win bet on a choice priced 2/1
  • And place a £ /€110 lay bet on the same selection at 2.74 (7/4 in fractional odds) on a betting market–this will result in a possible’ loss’ of £/€191.40 **
  • If the option wins the win bet, it will be £ /€200, but there will be a £/€191.40 deduction from your’ lay value’ The direct gain, though, will be £/€8.60.
  • If the choice wins, you will forfeit your £ /€100 win stake, but you will gain £ /€110 in income from your position, which ensures that you will also earn £ /€10.

Arbitration Merits

The drawback of arbitration is a gain that is assured without risk.

Pitfalls In Arbitrage

There may be a downside, though, and that is the possibility for either the back or the lay value to vanish before both trades have been concluded. And, in the gambling world, prices are moving fast.

Curve Betting

Another lay betting strategy that is very similar to arbitrage and that uses the principles of the stock market is’ curve chasing.’ This is where you are anticipating market movements and taking advantage of potential price changes.

Using the example of betting in horse racing, you may see a driver shortening the cost over the hours leading up to the start of the race. Clearly subject to somebody’s early gamble in the knowledge that you can support this horse in the belief that its price will shorten as race time approaches.

As with arbitrage, the timing of the knack for curve betting is pacing and you effectively put a choice at a lower price than you sponsored. Before a race start or match kick-off, this form of betting is solely orbited around events and, if successfully completed, the event’s result will have no impact on your ability to win.

Be mindful of the dramatic effect that team sheets can have on a betting market if you want to investigate curve betting further. If a manager wants to bench many of his key players for a game, this weakened team is generally going to drift in cost. Normally, because his star players are all on the starting team-sheet, an instant punter cash surge will see their cost shortening quickly.

In-Running Lays

Curve betting is an example of pre-race or pre-match’ bet to lay,’ but you can also put lay bets in a race or game and use a tactic of discretion to win once again.

Type students in horse racing will always have a pretty good idea about which horses are going to race strongly and can set out to make the early run. Stats show predominantly that horses leading or competing are typically selling at a lower’ in race’ rate than their starting price (SP).

It is not only possible to apply bet-to-lay tactics to horses that like to race front-run. There are numerous ‘ rogue ponies ‘ supremely running over their competitors and claiming to be stinging.

At this stage, their prices are always dramatically lowering, but wily video form students have a list of quirky or ingenuous horses that find no improvement when their jockey asks for it and they quickly go from looking like a winner to fast back peddling-not before shrewd betting strategists traded a profit.


Lay gambling opportunities are a great weapon for punters to have in their arms and not just betting exchanges. More and more conventional online sportsbooks sell’ not to play’ markets for horses.

With so much going on, one of the basic benefits of lay gambling can be easily forgotten: the opportunity to collect gains on several bets or reduce risks on wagers not expected.

Finding yourself looking at a beautiful gain should the third leg of a triple succeed, but bearing in mind that you could risk a total loss if that final selection were to be missed, a gambling plan whereby you put the final selection to fail is a sure-fire way to ensure a return.

That’ benefit’ could be saving your money, guaranteeing a small profit, a big profit, or neutralizing your gamble that would result in an equivalent financial return for victory or loss for that final selection.

This is, of course, close to another relatively new trend in gambling,’ money out.’ Yet making your lay bets against potential winnings is always a better value and tends to be more lucrative than just cashing-out bets, in-part or in-full, as a’ cash-out’ bulk regular product.
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