This Year’s Best Watch Investments that You Should Know About

CIGA Watchers

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Before anything else, I want to make this perfectly clear: Watches are not good
investments. They do not appreciate too much in value compared to wines or cars and
they most certainly do not appreciate like properties, to say the least.
However, there are some good reasons why you want to invest in a watch. You see,
there are some watch enthusiasts out there that will spend the money needed in order
to buy some of the most highly sought-after watches.
Even if you are not looking to sell your watch, when they are taken care of, watches can
become timeless timepieces that can last for a really long time.
A vintage mechanical watch, however, can appreciate in value, but you should not hope
for that since that may not happen. If anything, you are just going to break-even.
Still, if you are bent on purchasing the best watches out there that might appreciate in
value over time, then read further to find out some of the best watch investments that
are worth your money.

A.Lange & Sohne

Go for the German brand, A. Lange & Sohne and buy their Datograph watch which is
the company’s most sought after timepieces. Despite it being the third most popular
brand among watch collectors, you can bet that their Datograph watches will make you
happy down the line since there are plenty of people that are buying their more vintage


Of course, you have to put one of the most iconic watchmaking companies in the list of
the best watch investments out there. Rolex is a really great brand and you can never
go wrong with any of the watches that they have on offer.
I suggest that you invest in a Rolex Submariner because this was the de-facto standard
when it comes to Divers’ watches. But pretty much any Rolex watch is worthy of your
money so you really cannot buy anything less than worthy in their portfolio.

Patek Philippe

This is a company that sells iconic watches but you have to make sure that you have
the money to spend on it. You see, Patek Philippe is the one who made the wristwatch
so it is only fitting that his company charges exorbitant amounts of money for their

The Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524G is definitely something that you
should look into as I am sure that its value will appreciate over time.

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