5 Mistakes New Watch Beginners Commit

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1. Citing a single post on one Instagram comment or watch-related forum comment as a fact.

There are tons of forums out there that unites watch collectors from all over the world. This also means that anyone and everyone can be a member of those forums, and declare themselves as experts. Literally anyone on Earth can sign up, and deceive you with words. Don’t let them take advantage of you. Never base your watch buying decisions on a comment or a post from a random guy on website.

2. Proclaiming yourself, or someone you know, as the world’s biggest watch collector.

No matter how great your watch collection is, saying that you are the biggest collector in the entire world is silly. There are plenty of mega timepiece collectors out there, and none of them would ever make such claim. You are part of the watch community, and titles like that don’t hold any significance.

3. Valuing watches more than people.

You may have the biggest collection of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia, but never forget that at the end of the day, they are just watches. They are just items that is part of a material collection. What really matters in your life are your family, friends, happiness and health. Always put those first in your list.

4. Thinking that a movement makes the entire watch.

The movement is an important part of any timepiece. Though, remember that this doesn’t make the entire watch. Watch movements have been utilized for decades in timepieces of all price ranges. There is so much more to a watch than movements. Look into dial design, case construction and more. Movements matter a lot, but so do lots of other factors.

5. Believing that an expensive price, or plenty of complex details, automatically equates to quality.

Grand complications are interesting. However, these elements are not the top considerations when collecting watches. Many people believe that all expensive watches are good timepieces. The more expensive, the higher the quality. This is not right. In the world of watchmaking, balance is always respected. Don’t get impressed by the amount of complications.

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