5 Reasons to Monitor Your Heart Rate

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Are you thinking of buying a casual watch? If so, you may want to get a smartwatch for that matter. You see, a smartwatch can do a lot of things; one of which is the ability to be able to monitor your own heart rate.

Monitoring your own heart rate is very important because it can tell a lot of things about your cardiovascular system.
Today, I am going to be talking about some major reasons why you need to monitor your pulse (or heart rate).

You Will Know When You Are Dehydrated

When you sit down and you want to stand up to do something, what do you feel? If you happen to feel a little bit dizzy, then that is probably your brain (and heart) telling you that you are dehydrated.

You see, the main function of the heart is to be able to pump blood into the different areas of your system. If you are dehydrated, that means that there is less liquid in your blood which translates to poor nutrients being flowed through your system.

The act of standing up from a sitting position can also quickly decrease your blood pressure and your heart does a fantastic job in making sure that it stabilizes within seconds after that.

If you are dehydrated, there are less nutrients that can flow into your brain and the said organ will then signal to your body that you indeed require a lot more liquids to get by.

It Can Help You Relax

If your heart beats a lot every minute and you are not even doing anything physically strenuous, then that could be an indication that you are so stressed out.

For instance, if you are about to make a huge presentation and you found out that your heart rate is quite high for what you are doing, then that is your cue to start de-stressing and calm yourself down.

You Might Have a Flu

Another reason why your heart rate might increase is due to the fact that your body is actually fending off a foreign pathogen. Your body usually does this if it is fighting the flu and its associated symptoms.

By using a heart rate monitor and you found out that your heart beats 10-15 times more than your usual rate, then that could be an indication that your system is trying to fight a foreign pathogen.

Monitor Your Fitness Goals

Your heart, just like any other muscle in your body, can get strengthened through exercise. By monitoring your heart rate, you can actually tell if you are giving your heart the right stimulus to improve.

For example, if you find that your heart rate is lower than it used to even at your current fitness program, then that is an indication that you have to up the intensity for better results.

Manage Your Condition

When you are taking medications, there are some that would influence how your heart will operate. If you find that it beats lower (or faster) than it ever did after taking some medications, you can confer that to your doctor so that they can adjust the dosage.

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