How to Bet on Horses?


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So, you’ve spent some time (and money) on some of the best online casinos in Malaysia and you want to turn your attention to sports betting, particularly placing bets on horse races.

You have probably heard from your mate that there is plenty of money that can be had when you bet on horses, but how exactly is it done?

This article is centered around giving you the right information to bet on horses (and win).

What Are ‘Odds’?

Before you actually go out there and bet on a horse, I want to first give you a primer. When you look at the board, you will find that there are some “odds”. Now, you might be scratching your head because you do not know what it exactly means.

Well, the ‘odds’ are basically a numerical representation of how favored a particular horse is. It can also refer to the player or the team as well.

Every bet that are placed in horse racing would always involve odds. For instance, a 12-1 horse will give you 12 dollars for every dollar that you’ve bet on it- that is assuming that the horse wins.

If the 12-1 horse is not the favored one to win, but still manages to win anyway, the payout will be much higher. Do note that this type of betting is much riskier and is not fit for beginners to do.

Here is the lowdown of the different horse racing bets:

  • Place- this type of betting is where you place your bet on a horse that is most likely going to win either first or second place
  • Win- this type of bet is where a particular horse is favored to win
  • Quinella- the Quinella is one of those multi-horse bets where you place your money on two horses that are most likely going to win first or second (they can win in any order so long as they are the ones who win).
  • Show- also referred to as the ‘across the board’ bet, this is where you bet on horses that are most likely going to win in the top three places
  • Exacta- similar to a Quinella, but the difference is that the horse that you bet on is specific. In other words, you bet on horses that will win specifically in first and second places, respectively.
  • Trifecta- Similar to Exacta, but the main difference is that the trifecta bet is where you will place your money on three horses that will win in the correct order.

How to Bet?

Well, there are actually two ways that you can bet on horse racing. Either, you install a program on your computer which will guide you through the entire process or you can install a mobile application on your smartphone that will also tell you what to do.

Basically, the premise is that you choose the horses that you want to bet on, select the type of race you’re going to spend money in, and then place your money on specific horses.

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